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munduk waterfall trekking

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Munduk and Melanting Waterfalls in Bali agen bola  Munduk Waterfall Trekking Activities – More information about “Munduk Waterfall Trekking” Things you need to know about activities, before Trekking to Munduk waterfall,

Munduk Village  is located in Banjar District Buleleng-Singaraja Bali Indonesia, you see in Google Map for details. Munduk Village is known for its tourism culture which is often seen is the art that is held for tourists for the purpose of entertaining the tourists who visit in the village of Munduk.

Munduk Waterfall Trekking Activities

Munduk has a well-known waterfall called “Melanting Waterfall” you’ve been to here? Or more familiar on a “Munduk Waterfall ” Melanting Waterfall.

Fact that you do not know is the beauty of waterfall Munduk become a means of trekking destination by the tourist actors from Munduk village as well as tourists who vacation to Munduk village, indeed if you have not been to ‘ waterfall Munduk you are very necessary Visited this place. But if you are not strong with Eve
Cool I recommend bring a Body Heating Drinks.

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Trekking activities are very good for health, besides trekking is a favorite activity to add insight and increasingly recognize God’s creation and we are more aware of the power of God.

The stage is prepared to go trekking to the waterfall Munduk

  • I consider you already in Bali.You can invite a tour guide to do a trekking plan to the waterfall Munduk  if you have not been there.
  • You can also rent a motorcycle to get to Munduk waterfall, because the road to there is already good.
  • But, very funny, if trekking activities but rent a motorbike, things are not recommendations .
  • For you who will go to Munduk waterfall I recommend inviting tour guide to make your trip enjoyable, why? So that the journey in the many stories ,you can ask the tour guide, it’s the usual thing that many years in our island.
  • Do not forget to bring food and drinks, and previously used anti-sore analgesic oil.